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Boats of series RIB RX-870 have been specially developed as high-speed sea boats with the big range. To achieve radical decrease in consumption of fuel methods of reduction total resistance of movement of the hull by means of creation of compulsory gas greasing of the wetted surface of the bottom from exhaust gases of engines have been applied. The general decrease in wave resistance is reached thanks to very careful general boat weight distribution. Unique parametres of boats of series RX-870 are reached only at installation of inboard engines. Installation of outboards is possible also but reduce main advanteges.

The basic difference from analogues is that the installation of engines is applied to improvement of dynamic characteristics and the general balancing at a course on high speed on the developed excitement in a boat with lengthening shafts to the DP-S drives. Such scheme, allowing to improve dynamic hull balance, sharply reduces wave resistance of the hull, preventing dangerous porpoising and wobbling on high speed.

The hull hydrodynamics is carefully fulfilled in design bureau ATYD (Alexander Taranenko Yacht Design) which has developed the record boat RIB RS-690 which has won a rank of the World champion of 2011 in most senior class UIM for RIB - PR-1. All boats of this series have a self-drain cockpit and the protected system of ventilation of engines. In base complete set RX-870 it is equipped by two diesel engines VOLVO-PENTA D3-220 c a drive on DP-S, a fuel tank on 1000 litres, a cruiser course providing a stock in 900 n miles. RX-870 also can supply by waterjat or outboards with total power less than 600 h.p. Tank with fresh water, shock mitigation seats and other options provide comfortable enough conditions at navigation.

Boats of series RX-870 are issued in version PRO OPEN with an open deck and in the version with cabin RX-870HT.

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