Sailer-trailer Alekstar 25

The ideal machine for tourism and relaxation on water – sailer-trailer Alextar 25.


New European version of popular sailer/trailer

  • Super low draft
  • Extremely simple and easy control
  • Ideal balance provide simple and reliable operation by economy autopilot TP32
  • High aspect RSAT/DSPL ratio
  • Carbon fiber base set rig
  • Well organized space cockpit

Alekstar 25TR is the next modification of the A25 model. More than 10 years all-field experience of Alekstar sailer-trailers has been taken into account. The hull has kept the basic outlines and a design of load-bearing elements. A steerer has undergone the profound changes. Instead of one rotary in a horizontal plane rudder the boat got a steering Twin Rudder trapeze with two dagger-type rudders inclined to a vertical axis under 12 degrees. Such rudders have a lot of hydromechanical and handling advantages in comparison with a traditional steering system.

This system has passed all-round tests on the racing Alekstar 767 and was recognized as the best one for use on the cruiser A25. An optimum Alekstar heel is 7-15 degrees, therefore the leeward rudder always appears shipped nearly to a vertical, that provides on the blade a maximum lift giving both a magnificent sense of rudder and the comfort steering. Thus the working blade surface may be reduced more than by a half, without a threat of a steer loss. Skilled helmsman does so on long tacks in stable weather still entirely kicking up the windward rudder reducing a drag. The second important advantage is the opportunity to keep total-lot steering on keel-up run at shallow water 0,5-0,3 meters in depth. The rudders cases are supplied with the special stoppers protecting forward edges of the blades from damages at impact about a firm obstacle. The Twin Rudder clears the central part of a bridge deck, for more convenient and optimum position of both an outboard and an accommodation ladder.

A25TR is supplied with heavier 400 kg keel shifted forward on 100 mm to preserve a correct trim and a new wide afterpeak lid allowing to stack inside easily the outboard motor. Changes have touched also a jib-sheet fearlead allowing to align profiles of a jib leech and a main belly.

The interior has a new table capable not only to be opened, but also to fall downwards up to a level of lateral berths forming with them spacious sleeping space of the central interior.

Due to application of new progressive materials not looking on keel weight increase a total weight of a boat has not changed. Additional opportunities for ballasting however have appeared that racing amateurs and extreme sailors will particularly estimate.



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